Working at Per-Scent

At Per-Scent we value creative minds, fun loving attitudes, hard work and dedication to the team and to the company. Whether you're interested in buying, sales, marketing, finance or internships we would love to hear from you.

Please email us at with your CV. We will contact all applicants with any opportunities we may have.

Per-Scent head office is located in Manchester, one of the UK's fastest growing cities! With Trafford Centre near by you'll be sure to pop over for a quick sushi and some lunch-time shopping!

Our open plan offices allows for open thinking, brainstorming ideas and group meetings - we love to create a buzz around the office and fill it with positive vibes!

Whether you're eager to break into the industry or bring new skills and ideas to the team join us today by emailing your CV and details to . We offer comprehensive packages with many benefits to run alongside your job!

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